Divine Inspiration

The Deists’ Belief in Direct Divine Inspiration (I recently submitted an article on the topic of the many English deists who believed in direct divine inspiration or what was commonly called religious enthusiasm.  So I have removed most of the material from this page.) Of the most important English deists, over half took positions that were considered religious enthusiasm by their contemporaries.  Here is one example Charles Blount goes even further than Wollaston: Blount declared that God planted thoughts into our minds all the time.  In his book Religio Laici, Blount described how God guided our behavior by influencing our thoughts.  He told of a man going to London when God implanted the impression into his mind that the road was too dirty for him.  So the man left this road and took another road to London.  Under God’s guidance, the man then avoided some trouble on the first road or encountered some harm God meant for him on the second road.  Blount said, “Here is God’s conduct of him, either to his Good or Harm, leading him by that Idea of avoiding Dirt. . . . For thus God doth ever manage us by the Temper of our Body, with his inoperating Spirit therein.”[i]  Blount generalized this point, saying that God guided all our thoughts and actions in this way.  He said that God guided us by “such Idea’s as he thereby sets before our Fancies.  ‘Tis apparent that he does thereby lead and guide all our Thoughts, Words, and Actions.”[ii]

(If you are  interested in this topic email me at  waligore@yahoo.com and I will send you a copy of the submitted article. )

[i] Charles Blount, Religio Laici Written in a Letter to John Dryden (London, 1683), 63-4.
[ii] Blount, Religio, 59-60.

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