Book & Articles

I  have published a book and three articles about the deists.

The book, The Spirituality of the English and American Deists: How God Became God, was published by Lexington Press. It is discussed here.

The first article, “The Piety of the English Deists,” was published in 2012 in Intellectual History Review.  Click here to read a pdf of the article: pietyenglishdeismarrticle

The second article, “Christian deism in eighteenth century England,” was published in 2014 in International Journal of Philosophy and Theology.   Click here to read a pdf of the article.

The third article, “The Christian Deist Writings of Benjamin Franklin,”  was published in 2016 in  The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography,  Click below to read the article

One thought on “Book & Articles

  1. You have written a fascinating account of the Decline of Deism on Fandom. But the clincher, the “Accurate Reasons for the Decline of Deism” is missing. Is this going to be in your book? Is the decline due to atheists or to clergy? Or is the decline of Deism due to the rise of Materialism (Historical, Scientific)? Also, do you see the possibility for the return of Deism?

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